As Maribel Machuca Carhuayano said German language is increasingly taking strength from the importance of Germany in the world.

German language belongs to the Germanic-Dutch group, part of the western branch of the Germanic languages, a subfamily of the Indo-European languages. It consist of two groups of dialects, High German ( German literary policy) and Low German. It isprimarly spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the majority of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. It is spoken by approximately 110 million native and about 80 million non-native.

Speak the German language is a great opportunity to study and work, and also to join the main European cultures.

  • Germany is the economic leader of the European Union, the language is a key to business and labour market.
  • Another important reason to learn German is related with the tourism, German tourists are considered world leaders travelers.
  • Germany is a destination of choice for many people. Language skills will be a help to enjoy and understand the place and people.

The University of Deusto knows the importance of German. It offers German as a second language acquisition. It is studied in the first three years of Modern Languages to finish with a B1 level. In all the languages you start from the beginnig. Last year, the book we used was Schritte International 1 and now, in the second year, we are using Schritte International 2. Both books prepare us for the Goethe Institut exams.